What Home Means to Me

Selling homes each day often makes me take this idea of "home" for granted. I work with buyers or sellers, get their home under contract, go to closing and then on to the next client (of course, there are at least 100 other tasks on the list but I shortened it for you!!). This cycle happens 50 times a year (practically every week) and sometimes I don't even have time to spend as much time at my own home as I'd like but at the end of each day when I get my slippers on and curl up on the couch to unwind it is definitely my favorite place to be. So, in the physical sense that comfortable feeling is what home means to me.

I think my idea of "Home" has changed over the years.... I have lived in several states and for most of my life I would say that "home" is in Marysville, Ohio where my parents live (still!). In a broader sense I would still say my sense of home lies in the Buckeye State!

However, now that my husband and I have been married 26 years and as we are practically "empty nesters" with our children ages 20 & 23, I believe the idea of Home has definitely changed. Now, it really doesn't matter where we are but rather who we are with that makes it feel like "Home." This summer we all took a trip with my parents and my brother and I had that homey feeling throughout the trip. My parents came to visit me a few weeks ago and, again, I had that sense of being "home." When my kids are at our house at the same time and we can spend some time together it is also "home."

What Home Means to Me

So, much more than the place, I feel it is the people you are with that describe what Homes means to me.

Recently I had the opportunity to learn more about The St. Patrick center here in St. Louis. The St. Patrick Center's mission is to put an end to chronic homelessness in our area. In order to do this they focus on a "housing first" model. Which means that they first find safe and affordable housing for the individual and then they help to support them through job training, counseling and other programs. They find that if the individual is in a home, and they are no longer dealing with the stress and worry of that basic need, they are more successful at keeping that housing and supporting themselves and getting the additional help that they need. This reminded me of the importance of basic shelter, something that we often take for granted. Home is the feeling you get when you're with family and friends but it's also the structure and shelter we need to feel safe and secure so we can face each new day.

We are blessed to be helping the St. Patrick Center in the month of October. I will be collecting items through out the month. Contact me if you would like to be a part of this Donation Event!

Find out more about our Donation Event

Watch My Interview at the St. Patrick Center

-St. Patrick Center Website-

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