To Repair or Replace?

Repair or Replace

Home owners often ask me questions about the maintenance and up keep of their homes. Although I am not an expert in home repair, as a real estate agent I have the privilege of working with some amazing home professionals who are experts in their fields. So, I asked some of them to write guest blogs to answer some of these "home related questions that I receive.

The following is written by Roger Harston, of Above and Beyond Appliance Repair. He shares his thoughts on the question, "How do I know if it's better to repair or replace my appliance?" He would be happy to help with your specific appliance questions or repairs. The link at the bottom of the article will take you directly to his website. Thanks Roger!!

"So in this crazy world we live in today it is very hard to find an appliance that will last more than 7 to 10 years before major repairs are needed. In days gone past, many of the appliances we grew up with would last 25 to 30 years. Every day I find someone who has a washer or dryer that has been around for as many as 25 years and still going strong. Often a customer will say I have an ugly green or harvest yellow refrigerator that is over 20 years old in the basement and it has never had an issue, why is my $3000 5 year old refrigerator needing to be repaired already? The truth is the appliances today are nowhere near the quality of the units many of us grew up with. It is awful to think of the cost we pay for the substandard quality we get.

So do I repair or replace? That is a question I get a lot. The way I look at it is, of course depending on unit and manufacturer, is any time the cost of repair exceeds 1/2 the cost to replace a unit it is time to consider replacement. I never want to make that decision for a customer but always let them know what I feel at the time. I am happy to repair any repairable unit if the customer desires. Often times if it's an older unit that I know will last with the repair I will also state that it may be better to repair.

If you decide to purchase a new unit, what do you buy? That is a question I get often. The issue today is that you may buy an appliance that says Kenmore on the front which leads you to think its a Sears or Whirlpool product, but you may be very wrong. Kenmore is only a label and the unit could be an LG, Frigidaire, Whirlpool or who knows. This is an issue many consumers have run into. Many companies have used their label on units built by other companies for a while now. For instance, Samsung built refrigerators and other appliances have had GE labels on them for over 6 years now. So the customer thinks they are getting an American made quality product but end up with a not so quality Samsung unit, for example.

So what does a customer do? I get many calls asking what to buy. I always say to stick with Whirlpool or Maytag, for now, they are the only ones I have seen that have not put their label on another manufacturers unit. Not to say it won't happen, just havn't seen it yet. I am always happy to answer a question about any unit if someone wants to call and ask as well.

I hope this will help someone make a decision at some point. We do svc all areas from W St Louis, St Charles, Lincoln. And Warren Counties."

The National Association of Home Builders, gives us an average life span of various home appliances:

* Dish Washer - 9 years

* Dryer - 13 years

* Garbage disposal - 12 years

* Microwave - 9 years

* Refrigerator - 13 years

* Stove - 14 years

* Washer - 10 years

Above and Beyond Appliance Repair

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