November 17, 2017

So, yesterday I was driving to a real estate appointment and heard the NEW (although I was told by my hip brother that it came out in September) Taylor Swift song..."Ready For It."  I immediately fell in love with that pedal point bass line (for you music theory experts out there), especially when I cranked it up on my new Bose speakers!! 

I don't think I'd call myself a die hard T Swift fan, but who can resist songs like "Shake it Off" or "Mean" or "You Belong With Me" or even "Look What You Made Me Do"??  If it's not socially acceptable to like these, then I don't want to be right. 

Now, I don't know what you do when you like, no LOVE, a new song...but I need to learn the words! Most of you know that I am a singer and love to sing along to the radio, bands, really anything!  But, you can't sing along unless you know the words, so first thing I did was listen to my new fav several times last night and then many times this morning while getting ready for work until I memorized...

November 15, 2017

In this post we are going to talk about a topic that can make most people shudder, something that is so important but can make some a little anxious or uncomfortable.  Brace yourself, it’s time to talk about your credit score!

Your finances, including your credit score are very important in your day to day life but especially as you are considering large purchases like a home.  There are minimum credit scores that are needed to acquire a loan, and having above average credit can many times save you money by making lower interest rates available to you.

Talking about financial issues of any sort can be hard or feel overwhelming. Talking about money seems like it should be a black and white, non-emotional topic, because it’s just numbers,right?!? It actually is just the opposite for many of us.  Our emotions and our money are actually very connected.  Money is something we work hard for, it is something we are afraid of losing because it provides for us and our families.  It also prov...

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