April 30, 2020

So, you're thinking of selling your home.  You may have been preparing for awhile, ready to put that "for sale' sign up in the spring and then ----- Coronavirus !  Or maybe you need to move for other reasons, family, school or work and you need to make your move now.  Whatever your reason for moving you are probably wondering if houses are actually selling right now, is it a good idea to list now, or would it be better to wait?? How can I make my house safe while selling??

That's what I'm here for!! Call me for a consultation where we can discuss the market and safety measures while selling!  I have done social distanced on-site consultations, but I am also willing to do a virtual visit of your home via FaceTime or other apps to give you an idea of the things that you can do to prepare your home for sale.  We can talk about the current real estate market and the pros and cons of selling now.  Yes! Homes are still selling. There are still many people looking for homes and in so...

April 21, 2020

Is it wise to buy a home without ever stepping foot inside? This is a question I’ve heard lately, and the answer is, there’s nothing like an onsite tour for you to really get a feel for the home. However, as you can tell from my story above, the virtual tour CAN work!

January 30, 2020

Have you ever thought about investing in real estate?  Maybe you've considered it but it seemed too overwhelming or maybe you're not sure if financially you have the means to invest.  Maybe you feel it might be too risky or too much to manage, or possibly you've thought about it and just never took that first step.  If you asked around, most people would probably tell you that real estate investing wasn't for them.  They may tell you that is only for the wealthy or maybe that they wouldn't have the time to manage it and others would say they just don't know enough about it and it seems risky.

In this video I talk with 2 young investors (my daughter and son-in-law) about the real estate investments that they have made.  As they were considering their investments and what they wanted for the future, they made the wise decision to sit down together and talk about their finances and what their hopes and plans were for the future.  Then they talked about ways they could achiev...

September 9, 2019

I'm so excited to be joining the Krista Hartmann home team as a buyers agent. One of the things that I love about being a realtor is that I get to help individuals and families find a home, sometimes their first home. The process of buying a home can be very exciting.  

As you start to look at homes, it's exciting to imagine yourself living there and all of the memories you'll make in that home.  It can also be overwhelming finding just the right home for you, one that fits in your budget and checks most of those boxes on your checklist.  That's why working with a realtor is so important.  I can help you not only find the homes that might fit your needs but also negotiate price and offers and help you find a property that will hopefully be a good investment as well. Currently the Realestate market is very tight.  The inventory of available houses is still low, which means there are fewer to choose from and often times there will be multiple offers on these homes. That can be frustrating...

October 9, 2018

Selling homes each day often makes me take this idea of "home"  for granted.  I work with buyers or sellers, get their home under contract, go to closing and then on to the next client (of course, there are at least 100 other tasks on the list but I shortened it for you!!).  This cycle happens 50 times a year (practically every week) and sometimes I don't even have time to spend as much time at my own home as I'd like but at the end of each day when I get my slippers on and curl up on the couch to unwind it is definitely my favorite place to be. So, in the physical sense that comfortable feeling is what home means to me. 

I think my idea of "Home" has changed over the years.... I have lived in several states and for most of my life I would say that "home" is in Marysville, Ohio where my parents live (still!).  In a broader sense I would still say my sense of home lies in the Buckeye State!

However, now that my husband and I have been married 26 years and as we are  practic...

October 9, 2018



Watch My Interview with St. Patrick Center CEO, Laurie Phillips

The St. Patrick Center's focus is on rapid rehousing.  They have found then when an individual has a safe place to call home, they are generally more successful in other areas like job training and rehabilitation.
When the individuals they help move into their new housing, the St. Patrick center provides them with a welcome home kit.  They need the following items for those kits:

  • Laundry Soap

  • Paper towels

  • Toilet paper

  • Pots and pans

  • Kitchen utensils

  • Silverware

  • Full size sheets

  • mops/brooms

  • cleaning supplies

  • Wash Clothes

  • Can opener

  • Bath Towels

They also have  a stocked pantry and resource center. They need the following items for continued care and support of their clients:

  • Canned Meat

  • Canned Fruit

  • Canned Vegetables

  • Peanut butter and Jelly

  • Pancake mix and syrup

  • Cereal

  • ...

July 30, 2018

Summer is the perfect time for backyard barbecues, family games, neighborhood parties and late nights on the patio. Many home owners spend most of their energy and resources on decorating their indoor spaces and forget about the outdoor spaces.  With just a little effort and creativity, you can make your backyard a summer haven, a place where you and your family and friends will want to spend those long summer days together.  Here are 8 helpful hints to make your Backyard a Summer Paradise. 

Make the Backyard Private-- 
You may have the best neighbors in the world, but everyone needs a little privacy once and awhile. After a long day, you may just want to be alone and enjoy nature. There are many creative ways to ensure a little backyard privacy. One easy way to create a private, secluded backyard paradise is to install a fence. A fence can provide a level of safety for your backyard and at the same time make your backyard a bit more secluded. There are many fence options...

June 29, 2018

How are you going to celebrate Independence Day? The St. Louis area has many celebrations to choose from. Here's a list of some of the local fireworks and festivals. Enjoy!!

JB Blast -Jefferson Barracks Park in South St. Louis County. 
July 3, 2018 ,7 p.m. - Live music ,9 p.m. - Fireworks

Grafton Fire Works  - Grafton, Illinois, June 30, 2018 ,9 p.m. - Fireworks

St. Charles Riverfest -- July 3-4, 2018  -Festival, music, parade and fireworks start at 9:20pm

Webster Groves Community Days Festival- July 3-4, 2018 -- Fireworks July 3 & 4 at 9:30pm.

Fair Saint Louis - Festival and Fireworks, July 4,6,7

Heritage and Freedom Fest  -O'Fallon, MO -at the Ozzie Smith Sports Complex. Festival July 2-4, fireworks on July 3 & 4

July 4th Fest at Six Flags -June 30-July 4, 2018 -Fireworks 9:30 pm

Alton Fireworks Spectacular  - Alton IL -- Fireworks July 3rd, 9:15 pm.

Fourth of July Celebration in Ellisville - Bluebird Park -- July 4,

 Fireworks 9:30pm.

Chesterfield Celebration...

June 6, 2018

Congratulations! You're feeling like things are coming together. You've found a job and a community that you want to call home. You feel like now's the time to find a place to call your own, a place to put some roots down.

Or maybe, Congratulations, your kids are grown and have places of their own and you're nearing retirement.  Your home is bigger than you need and you can't wait to give up some of those home maintenance jobs so you have more time to do the things you love.

Or maybe, Congratulations, you're somewhere between those two stages of life.  People often assume that condos are strictly for first time buyers or homeowners that are downsizing.  The truth is that condo living can be the right choice for many buyers depending on the community they want to live in, the amenities they desire and what they can afford.  

If you're thinking of buying a home and are trying to decide on either a condo or a traditional home, chances are you have asked others their opinion....

May 3, 2018

Have you been wondering if it's time to sell your home? Has your growing family outgrown your home? Or maybe your current home is much larger than you need at this stage of your life? Fewer and fewer families expect to stay in their first or second home for the long haul. Here are some things to consider as you decide if now is indeed the right time to make your move.

  1. The Size of Your Household has Changed -- If your family is about to become bigger with the arrival of a new baby or maybe aging parents are moving in. Or, it is decreasing in size because your youngest child has just left for college.  It might be time to consider an adjustment to the size of your living space.  If your living space has become too cramped or grown beyond your needs, it may be time to make a move.

  2. Increased Home Equity -- Your home equity is the amount you have left when you subtract the amount you have left on your loan from the value of your home.  This is the amount of money you...

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